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Key Docs

The “key documents” have been assigned a numerical reference additional to the format of all archived documents e.g. 1.1 etc. prior to the basic archive document description format. (see Archive for description of basic archive document description format.) Hence, the reader can follow all Key Docs from first to last in numerical order. For example, the Joyce Smith statement, identified in footnote 32 of Part 1, is the third identified key document in that Part, hence in Key Docs, it is entitled: 1.3 8201d12 Smith Stmt.

Please note: The order of key docs below is slightly reordered from the order presented in the Book. At the top of the page are the folders referenced in the text. The docs themselves re-ordered so that 1.2 does not appear after 1.1. It appears after 1.19. Same, 1.3 appears after 1.29. Same move for 1.4 through 1.9. Sorry for inconvenience. 

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